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#SHAFamily Hosts True Colors Workshop

The Sylacauga Housing Authority is proud to equip our staff with the best training possible. Our goal is to grow our capacity in order to truly become the #HousingAuthorityofTomorrow and a leader in rural affordable housing.  On May 28th, 2019 all SHA staff participated in the True Colors Workshop. Each participant was given the opportunity to discover what their True Color profile was and learn more about their color. The golds represent stability, accountability, dependability, and practical sensibility. They thrive in organized environments with structure and guidance. Oranges demand attention and live in the moment. They provide action and are risk takers that move organization forward. Blues represents aesthetic sensitivity, empathy, and tranquility. They are sensitive and are energized by relationships and feelings. Greens are energized by knowledge, ideas, and competence. They represent vision, creativity, and growth.

Each group was given the opportunity to dive into their profiles and to learn more about each of the other colors. The workshop gave us all an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our coworkers and discover how to more effectively work as a team.

If you are interested in learning your True Color, click here

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